I never thought I’d see the positives of not having a family of my very own..
Going through the motions of having to pay Uni fees, fund driving lessons, paying the hefty Insurance (buying their car would never have been an issue of course😂)
Never mind the extravagant Wedding costs and helping them out getting onto the property ladder.. all of the above would have been worth it, but now aged 50 and with 33 years of car sales behind me (and without the above expenditure lol lol) I’m now in the position to say farewell to the motor trade and hang up the garage keys for good. I am very proud to say that
as from July 1st I will no longer be known as David Stewart “The Car Dealer” but a happily RETIRED David Stewart “who used to be a Car Dealer” and the guy who now passes his time with family, friends and his many hobbies 😁

A note to my previous customers.

I am happy to purchase back any Jaguar cars that I’ve sold you as I still receive enquiries for pristine low mileage examples.