I first met Gino when I sold him a low mileage S-Type way back in 2013. Amazingly it was a car that I had taken in P/X against a Jaguar XJ from Mr Ryding of Glasgow, which is where Gino also lives. Gino is typical of many of my customers as hes a real Jaguar enthusiast and the S-Type was to be the forth in his collection. Amongst that collection is a 1966 MK2 with the most amazing story – I will be writing about that in my next news post.

Last year Gino calls me about a low mileage X350 4.2 V8 that I had advertised. A few days on, a deal was stuck and Gino yet again makes the 6 hour journey by train to collected his latest acquisition. On arrival, Gino as with his S-Type was over the moon with the condition of BT03TVE and we proceeded with the paperwork – while chatting Jags of course 🙂

After Gino completed the 330 mile trip home I receive a text saying that all was well and that he averaged 35.2 mpg. Superb fuel economy from a petrol, 2 tonne V8 4.2 – Jaguars light alloy body really does help with the mpg!

So happy with the condition of his XJ4.2, Gino is confident enough to enter into the “Saloon Concours Class” at the Scottish 2017 Jaguar Drivers Club event. The judges obviously knew a great car because Ginos car wins first place. But its not just down to our car being in superb condition but how Gino must have cleaned it prior to the show – any dust, dirt or polish residue and you get marked down. So well done Gino, you deserve it mate 🙂