Happy New Year everyone! 10th January 2017.

Last year saw me struggle greatly to find low mileage, low owner, pre 2008 stock. It seems that the very best examples of the classic looking Jaguars are now highly collectable. Most of my recent customers tell me they have no plans to ever sell their cars because they’re not fans of modern Jaguars. I also shared that view, due to missing the classic curvy, 4 headlight Jaguar saloon that we’ve adored for over 50 years.

I buckled last February and bought a 2009 XFS 3.0 diesel for stock, and although it was a super car with great build quality and drove beautifully , I just didn’t love it aesthetically. Since then I’ve only dared to have one XF per month and now almost a year on I have to say the style is growing on me. I do understand that Jaguar need this very successful model in their range for the company to survive, and maybe so do I!!!  So here I am today with my first batch of XF’s. – Lets hope they’re just as successful for me as they are for Jaguar Cars ltd.