Reunited with a Daimler I’ve known of since 1978!

Reunited with a Daimler I’ve known since 1978!

I remember as a 10 year old lad there would be several Jaguars/Daimlers that I would spot around town who were owned by Peterborough’s “Smart Set”.
The Shelton boys had a Signal Red Series 2 XJ saloon and Coupe, Watkins & Stafford had a Carriage brown XJ Series 2, Thomas Cook (Thorpe wood) directors had two Daimler Series 2’s, one Carraige brown and one Dark Blue, Fred Sturgeon (the builder) had a Silver XJ-S, Tarmac (oundle road) had a Series 2 Daimler Double-Six VDP finished in Aubergine and Ellingworths Garage Fengate had this Daimler sovereign 4.2 series 1, finished in Ascot Fawn.

AOK91K was bought by Vic Ellingworth in 1977 from a Mr Whitsed who had a Sugar beet company opposite.
It seems that Vic’s business and car have outlived all the others and his famous garage has just closed after 72 years.

Big thank you to his daughter and Son-in-law for bringing the car from Cambridge for me to see